On 3rd February we were made aware of a problem some members were experiencing when trying to login. It appears that this problem is because of a “cookie” that is used by the company we use for the security of The Sanctuary’s servers.  Some web browsers have stopped recognising that “cookie” and are refusing to let anybody with that “cookie” sign-in. It’s an unfortunate situation and like you, we are caught in the middle. These “cookies” are stored on your computer and have become an integral part of the internet and how modern browsers function.That “cookie” must be cleared or you can login using the “INCOGNITO” or “PRIVATE BROWSING” function on your browser.

While researching this issue, we found that it is unfortunately rather a common problem which plagues the internet. We found that even governmaent websites, banks and universities seem to experience this issue. The University of Iowa even had an entire section on their website explaining how to clear these cookies and caches. Basically good browser hygine. If you would like to read their website on how to clear cookies and caches, click here.

We apologise for the inconvenience but as the “cookie” decision is being made by the companies that dominate the internet, there is nothing we can do except to give you the tools necessary to take back control yourse

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