We have started to find that a few new members with Hotmail or Yahoo email accounts are not receiving their Passwords after having paid. Our help desk team are carefully working their way through this list of members to find them a solution or a refund. If you are one of those new members, please be patient as we get to you over the course of the next few days. We are unable to tell why some do and some don’t receive the email. At this time we recommend using a different email account for your membership if you have either a Hotmail or Yahoo email account, in order to minimize any inconvenience.



Founding Member Benefits

If you’re joining now, you’ll be enrolled as a FOUNDING MEMBER and your Monthly Membership Fee is guarantee to remain US$28.00 per month as long as your membership remains in good standing and is not: Cancelled, Revoked or Suspended for any reason.

We’ll also take of any sales tax until the end of the year 😀

Cancel At Any Time With No Penalties

If at any time during your membership you decide that you want to cancel, you can either let us know by email or use the self-cancel feature inside the members services section and we won’t charge your credit card again.