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Join Anita at her new spiritual home online

The Sanctuary
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In The Sanctuary, you will have many opportunities to be inspired by transformational life-lessons. As a​n ​inspirational and motivational speaker, Anita will provide you with a holistic approach to launch you into a wellness trajectory.

Entering The Sanctuary, you will be wrapped in unconditional love and support in a community of like-minded individuals who are also seeking and offering support.

Anita will give you privileged access through a variety of uplifting modalities including: live video chats; inspirational conversations with guest speakers; specially designed lessons and learning opportunities; Anita’s own meditations; energy experiments and directed energy sending experiences to the community. You will be taught about empathic communication, how to understand your empathic nature, and how to cultivate it to your benefit.

Are you ready to take control of your own wellness trajectory?

Are you ready to walk away from the influence of your past, accept your present and design your future?

​Are you willing to embrace your magnificence?

Anita’s online Sanctuary offers you a safe place to transform your life.


We always have a course in progress, and you can start and stop when you need. We will archive all courses, so you’ll have access to them at a time convenient to you.
Similar to a Facebook private group format, members will be able to share stories, concerns, discuss the course content, and chat about related matters in this private forum.
Interviews with selected practitioners, doctors, and other special guests in the areas of Self-Care, Self-Love, 6th Sensory Beings, Alternatives to the Current Medical Model, Living as an Empath, Healing, and Reclaiming our Power.
Intention setting allows us to gather our collective thoughts and focus them on a singular concern. We’ll set an intention for each week, so you’ll have the combined focus and energy of the entire community. ​
Course content from Anita’s cruises, including videos of her talks and her meditations that she has delivered.
Members get to experience energy experiments and will have regular distance-energy sessions hosted by Energy Practitioners.
Purposefully crafted meditations to suit all kinds of transformation, using Anita’s unique perspective.

Approximately one per month, about that month’s subject, complete with energy exercises and Q & A. The videos will be archived for members to watch at a later, convenient date if they can't attend the live event or want to watch it again.

Special rates for courses and events outside of the Online Sanctuary.


You might feel that loving yourself first and foremost is selfish, but it’s the direct opposite. Because we’re all connected, all part of the same consciousness, when we love-ourselves fully and deeply, that love overflows and everybody wins. For more than a decade, I’ve been writing and traveling the world, sharing what I’ve learned, and now it’s time to take the next step.

The Sanctuary provides an opportunity for those who resonate with my story to go deeper and more fully into healing, transformation and empathic learning—in a supportive community of love-centered/heart-centered individuals. We’ll learn to listen to the wisdom of our souls, supported by a community safe from fear, naysayers, and doubters. We’ll focus on loving ourselves, dealing with illness, alleviating the fear that comes with taking care of ourselves, expressing ourselves, and being who we are.

As a member of the Sanctuary, you’ll find tools to help you work through issues that are keeping you from healing and living your truest life. You’ll learn to transform fear, the number one saboteur of self-love.

The Sanctuary is the virtual interim for my vision of brick and mortar healing sanctuaries, which focus on holistic healing outside the current medical model—not just the 3D, but 4D, the whole soul’s journey, including working through issues such as self-love, worthiness, your life purpose, and dealing with loneliness. We’re in the infant stages of the brick and mortar portion of this vision, but we’re starting with this paid online subscription service. As a member in this early stage, we’ll count on your feedback to help us take the first steps toward a new medical paradigm​.


The Online Sanctuary platform offers much more than is available elsewhere. Anita will be delivering specifically crafted courses, meditations, interviews with her favourite professionals, live Q&A sessions, excerpts from her cruises and other workshop events which are not available elsewhere, and as well as topic-specific talks that will not appear elsewhere online.

The Sanctuary is available for EVERYONE who chooses to embrace their magnificence!

  • No matter if you are going through rough times, whether it be an emotionally difficult trauma, a mentally challenging event, a physically debilitating issue, or a spiritual crisis, you are welcome here!
  • Empaths who are struggling to reconcile two worlds (the general 3-D reality and our empathic 6th sensory nature), you are welcome!
  • If you want to be yourself fearlessly, love yourself fearlessly, heighten your intuition and connection, and strengthen your life force energy, you are welcome here!
  • If you are feeling wonderful and want your world to grow, expand, and increase values and feelings of self-love, you are welcome here! 
  • If you are a facilitator of healing, a wellness professional, a counsellor or therapist, you are also welcome to join this online Sanctuary!
Anita believes in diversity and inclusivity and as such, the online Sanctuary will be non-denominational. Anita also knows that everyone has their own histories and beliefs. Respect amongst members will be expected.

We are a global community, so Anita will vary the times that she broadcasts live, so people from all over the globe can have a chance to tune in live. Each session will be recorded and available in The Sanctuary, so you can access it on your laptop, tablet, or phone, and listen at a time that’s best for you. You’ll still be able to soak up the in-depth teachings, healing intentions, and spiritual energy of the gathering.

All you’ll need is a computer, a tablet, notebook, or a smartphone.
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