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Join Anita at her new spiritual home online

The Sanctuary

The Anita Moorjani Sanctuary is an online home for anyone ready to:

Rediscover their soul's divine purpose Connect with their inner mystic Expand their intuition Embrace their magnificence Establish a wellness trajectory Live and change their lives from the inside out Understand the View from the Other Side

What Do You Get With Your Monthly Membership?

∞ Clarity Corner ∞

Team Anita members Michelyne and the Guiding Stars (Rick, Creeda and Margit) will be talking about Anita’s pinnacle concepts, covering the basics of her messages. These will be one hour sessions, offered roughly four times over the course of a month to meet member availability. Each of the Team Anita members will hold their own session on a pre-selected monthly topic which will fall in line with Anita’s chosen theme.

∞ Stepping Into Your Power ∞

A 6 month pre-recorded MasterClass with new modules delivered monthly into your private library on the 8th & 18th allowing members to self study at a controlled pace. This course includes exercises, meditations and dedicated discussion groups. This is a pre-requisite for the more advanced Empath Impact MasterClass.

∞ The Power Of Transformation ∞

Attend the Power Of Transformation workshop-at-sea (virtually) and study the course material at your leisure. Modules are delivered 3 times a month into your private library at The Sanctuary for you to study along with the course materials. Exclusively available to Sanctuary Members in your private library.

∞ Community Discussion Groups ∞

Our community members are able to chat with each other as they learn and grow, safely and securely in our dedicated chat forums with topics such as NDEs, Wellness, Empaths, Hi Vibes, Connecting with Energy, Soul Purpose etc.

∞ The 180 Day Program ∞

A self-directed opportunity to increase self-love by following a 180 day list of tasks.

∞ Empath Impact ∞

A 5 month pre-recorded MasterClass with new modules delivered monthly into the library on the 8th & 18th allowing members to self study at a controlled pace. This course includes exercises, meditations and dedicated discussion groups. This MasterClass is offered to members once they have completed the pre-requisite Stepping Into Your Power MasterClass and who wish to continue to study.

∞ Expert Interviews ∞

An ever expanding collection of interviews Anita has hosted with a wide range of professionals in the energy, healing and wellness field available in your private library.

∞ Explore The Extraordinary ∞

A rich and diverse podcast series where Anita addresses a wide range of issues. Updated regularly in your private library.

∞ The Lost Archives ∞

A collection of the very first audio files Anita appeared in right after the release of her book Dying to be Me in 2012. These interviews are exclusive to Sanctuary members. Available in your private library.

By choosing to join the Sanctuary, you declare that you are ready to:

~ Live from the inside out! ~

~ Embrace your magnificence! ~

~ Focus on a trajectory with wellness at its core! ~

~ Celebrate your successes with our global community! ~

~ Enhance trust in the universe and receive universal love and energy! ~

~ Release yourself from a past that may be keeping you from living your soul’s purpose! ~

~ Experience and harness the power of your reconnection with the esoteric field of energy! ~


LEARN about being an empath 

DISCUSS new paradigms 

THINK about possibilities 

EMBRACE change 

EXPECT wonderful things 

RELAX into receiving 

CONSIDER alternatives 

RELEASE the past 

ENGAGE with other empaths

EXPERIMENT with energy

PLAY with new techniques

ACCEPT themselves fully

RECEIVE gifts graciously

FIND balance in life

CELEBRATE the present

CREATE wellness trajectories

Your sensitive nature is vital, and your empathic light is essential. 
The Sanctuary will help you find and express your unique voice.



Anita’s online Sanctuary offers many more opportunities for empaths to grow and shine. There will be a variety of courses, meditations, interviews, conversations, community exchanges, Q&A sessions, podcasts, and topic specific talks, all designed with members in mind.

Anita believes in diversity and inclusivity and as such, the online Sanctuary will be non-denominational. Anita also knows that everyone has their own histories and beliefs. Respect amongst members will be expected.

We are a global community and Anita will do her best to vary the times when she does a live broadcast. If a live event is not at a convenient time for you to watch, you can access the video in the Sanctuary Library a few days after the first airing of the event.

All you’ll need is a computer, a tablet, notebook, or a smartphone, and headphones may help you to hear better.


Please note: It is necessary to be technologically capable enough to navigate a website unaided (know basic functions of clicking links, refreshing screens, navigating using basic menus), as well as logging into and navigating Zoom which is used for some of our live events.


If technology is a problem for you, it is best to have someone tech savvy close by to help you become comfortable with your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Here on the homepage of the Sanctuary you will see a button marked as JOIN THE SANCTUARY.

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Once you have successfully subscribed to the Sanctuary, our approval process usually takes 48 hours. If there is a problem with your application, we will send you an email advising you.

If there is no problem with your application, forty eight hours after you submitted your application for membership, please login using the Members Login button on the homepage of the Sanctuary using the password you wrote on your application form. 

f you find you can’t connect, have problems with a video upload/stream, or cannot access part of the website please send an email to the Sanctuary HELP DESK: and your email will be responded to in the order that it was received.

After you have logged in to the Sanctuary, please go to the pull down menu by your name at the top of the website, and you will see a section called MEMBER OPTIONS. Please click on Member Options and you will find a link to change or update your payment.


Once you click on that link, you will be getting an email either from SPIFFY (they are the company that run and update the order form) or from STRIPE (they are our credit card processing company who are in charge of keeping your credit card data safe and for processing your monthly subscription fee).


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While our eventual goal is to make this portal and all we offer financial accessible for all empaths, at this time unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

Yes, absolutely! The process is a little more complicated because of all the privacy laws in place around the world. Please email the Help Desk letting them know that you want to buy a gift subscription for somebody else and they will help you get that organized.


You can email them at:

Anita appreciates everyone’s support. If you would like to offer a financial donation, please contact us by email first so that we can give you details of how and where to send your check to. The email address is:

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